Lol, love the bus

Things are somehow different in Canada…

Funny pictures about Things are somehow different in Canada…. Oh, and cool pics about Things are somehow different in Canada…. Also, Things are somehow different in Canada… photos.

Haha, yeah

I never wear snowpants anymore, but I remember when I was little and this was so true

Ugh that so annoying!

Canadian Problem when the tim horton's lid flap doesn't fit into place. Most annoying thing ever

This is so darn true.

I am Canadian and people from USA come up to me and are like "eh. Want soda eh? Like that maple eh?

KILL IT. KILL IT WITH A GUN. Hey, then I get to eat it!

Canadian Problems - Oh what a pretty bird! Why is it hissing--oh my god how does its neck do that? O_o Is it charging? *flees* (Also a Michigan problem)

Just save em up.

Open a drawer there's some CT money. open the glove box there's some CT money. check your pockets there's some CT money (and you haven't been there in like a month!

Canadian Problems

Canadian Problem Encountering a strange being that does not remove its shoes upon entering your house. This is a Canadian thing?

Every American I've explained it to, same reaction every time!

Canadian Problems // Poutine may sound horrible to some people, but it's a true Canadian thing

More like being the road hockey players and having to move over and over again. The players do it though, uncomplaining and quickly too.