Gabby Glasier

Gabby Glasier

Cat lover & farm girl.....there's not much to tell
Gabby Glasier
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Life's too short

Life is too short to put up with fools! The fools are those who think they can take the Joy and Fun out of others. But these Fools failed because they don't have Joy in their Lives. Just Misery and Defeat!

awkward much

Happens all the time.Funny and annoying at the same time! Oh, no, those play by play accounts and opinions when the games are on are so not annoying at all.

Taylor swift

This is the State of Grace This is the worthwhile fight Love is a ruthless game Unless you play it good and right!

In case of fire funny

Funny Text Messages - BryanI totally failed safety and health course did you manage that?well, one of the questions was 'In the event of a fire, what steps would you take?'Fuckin' large ones' was apparently the wrong answer.