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Buying Tips for Cast Iron

Our top picks for old cast iron: Griswold, Wagner and Wardway. Top picks for new.

A Praxxus Christmas Story

A Praxxus Christmas Story

I have been working on our pantry, in a little Room off the kitchen. The walls of this Room are plywood, this will make it easy to do a french cleat system o.

Mobile Weather Modification Machine Caught by Drone

Shop Tour The Cave of Wonders

When you read the stories and symbols, the current hurry-cain-s share a story which seems to tell about some magic war that is raging agains humanity.

Burn Unit Nurse arrested & dragged from hospital for protecting patient rights. Arresting officer attempting cover-up for high speed chase fatality

Is Katia being helped? Patrick Roddie Published on Sep 2017

An electromagnetic vise made for our drill press is our construction. Making this vise we can hold bigger and smaller pieces of material in irregular sh.

A slightly different angle on the Hurricane Harvey theory of weather manipulation while explaining some of the technologies that led to HAARP, EISCAT and sim.

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