Awesome website. Just type in your location and where you are going. It will then create a list of all sorts of things to see and visit along the way. For future travel

awesome website: type in your starting destination and your ending destination, and it will find ALL SORTS of things for you to do, see, eat, play along the way.

while on a trip, send yourself a postcard every day from where ever you are and write what you did that day on it...then bind them when you return to have a journal of your trip -- complete with photos, stamps, and a run-down of each day's events!....

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Honeymoon idea: Make a postcard memory book. While on your trip, send yourself a postcard every day from wherever you are, then bind them when you return to have a journal of your trip. Then you'll have photos, stamps, and a rundown of each days events.

Devils punchbowl waterfall, Ontario. This section of the Bruce Trail is near Stoney Creek with great views of Lake Ontario in the distance.

Devil's Punch Bowl is a ribbon waterfall on the Niagara Escarpment, in the Stoney Creek community of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Albion Falls, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

☀Albion Falls at Night by Darryl Van Gaal on ~ Albion Falls, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada*-Done summer 2015

✮ Cheltenham Badlands - Ontario, Canada

Gorgeous Martian like landscape formed from red and gray eroded clay Cheltenham Badlands Ontario Canada HDR image

Wonder Mountain, Ontario, Canada

Free Landscapes Wonder Mountain Toronto Area Ontario Canada - Waterfalls Nature Desktop Wallpaper and Computer Background

Gibraltar Point lighthouse - Toronto, ON

The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse is located on the Toronto Islands in Toronto, Ontario. Thanks to the build up of sand since its construction around 1808 it's now about 100 meters from the beach it watched over for 150 years.

Casa Loma, Toronto, Ontario

Casa Loma - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - North America's only castle

Wilson Falls in Muskoka, Ontario

Wilson Falls in Muskoka, Ontario

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Toronto, ON

A field trip to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is a fun way to learn more about life in the middle ages.