B. Printed Covers/Matchbooks/Stamps/Coasters

786 Pins
an advertisement for the cookville show in hawaii
a postage stamp with an image of the sun and palm trees
Online Store | International Stamp Dealers
Morocco 1971 Sherifan Phosphates Office unmounted mint.
two stickers depicting niagara falls and a boat
Niagara Falls Decal
Niagra Falls Sticker
an orange and white sign that says first class
First Class, Pan Am
a red and black sticker with the words special on it's back side
Vintage Price Stickers
Special $1.75 Price Sticker
a yellow record label with the words records price $ 4, 98 and our price $ 3, 89
$3.87 | Bart Solenthaler | Flickr
an old red and black label with the words, safe matches average content made in blend
All sizes | Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Matchbox label
a red and white sign that says waities peas are garden fresh and tasty
2011 – Page 5 – longwhitekid
a white shark sticker on the side of a piece of paper
Sharp. | Present&Correct