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Plant & Vine | Plant-based recipes and wine pairings
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Natural Orange Gewürztraminer
2018 Natural Orange Gewürztraminer • Estate Grown Our Gewürztraminer was planted in 1999, the 2018 was crushed and fermented on the skins. This is a dry wine showing aromas and flavours of citrus, melon, lychee, tea & spice.
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At Glenterra we have been farming using organic practices for 20 years. No chemical herbicides, systemic fungicides or pesticides are used, only organic fertilizers and our composted pomace for the vineyard. Our winemaking emphasizes a minimalist & natural approach, no enzymes at crush, indigenous yeast fermentation, no animal fining products. (vegan friendly) and minimal use of sulphites. These protocols produce wines with vibrant character that are expressive of their terroir.
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The Beginner's Guide to Natural Wine
The natural wine movement gains in popularity by the day, but what really makes a wine natural? With shifting definitions and no official standards, confusion can abound. We take a deep look at all things "natty wine" for your complete guide to this exciting category.
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Vegan Wine Guide | Plant & Vine
All you ever wanted to know about vegan wine! This vegan wine guide covers the basics of wine production, label reading, vegan wine brands, and wine pairing ideas for your vegan meals. Check out Plant & Vine for more vegan recipes and wine pairing ideas! #plantandvine #wine #winepairing #vegan #veganwine #foodandwine #vegetarianwine #veganrecipes
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What Is Natural Wine? The Best Guide To Eco-Friendly Wine
What Is Natural Wine? A Complete Guide To Organic, Biodynamic, and Sustainable Wine