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I woukd be very happy if a set of mummers showed up in my mail bix. Here are the NL. Mummers that I make. The instruments are made from pine. These little guys are popular around Christmas time.

Ah ... Mummers. Newfoundland Art - Dawn Baker Gallery. During the 12 days of Christmas in Newfoundland, the men and women of small fishing outposts throw pillow cases over their heads, disguise their bodies behind scraps of old clothing and go from house to house playing music, singing songs and drinking your rum. The mummers need only reveal themselves to the host if their identity is correctly guessed.

Simple Shrimp Dip ~ Easy to make and packed with tiny shrimp, this simple shrimp dip with cream cheese will have you going back for more after every savory scoop! Bonus: You can prepare it the day before your party!