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Page 874 of 907 - Proud of your hamsters cage - posted in Supplies & Accessories: Im supposed to be studying for my final exams, but instead im making sketches of Poppys cage upgrade I think it will be something like this. Ive ordered some more stuff to put in there, and when that arrives ill upgrade it Hmm, are you using bendy log bridges for that sectioning? Because I heard from a reliable source (aka members XD) that a hamsters foot has been known to get stuck i...

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Cage with living cat's grass

The cat's grass is planted in a torf pot which sits in a ceramic pot. Terrarium moss to hide the pot and earth. I take it out once a week (leaving the ceramic pot in the cage) and give it a little bit of water.

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Page 749 of 907 - Proud of your hamsters cage - posted in Supplies & Accessories: Lol yeah. We moved him to his playpen we built while i cleaned out the habitat and installed the secondary platform and bridge. By the time I got done he was so ready. Put him back and he spent a good thirty minutes darting around, checking out the new platform, burrowing New holes and moving food into the burrows. He seems to love the new set up. Now that the newest platform is in, anymore for his place...

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Sonic in her new cage

Checking out the dari.

[Аквариум] 167x50x40 аквариум с натуральными сре... - Animals wild, Animals cutest, Animals funny, Animals drawings

Detolf - Siris kleine Detolfwelt

Hallo zusammen, ich möchte euch mal Siris kleine Detolfwelt vorstellen. ^^ Als Gehege dient eine Ikea Detolf Vitrine. In der linken Hälfte befindet sich...

How To Care For Hamsters

Thanks for the info! I was just wondering because I know you said they need a lot of bedding and I wasn't sure it would fit but then I saw a video where they had a ton and yeah :) those lids are a...

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Detolf cage - middle

Made from IKEA Detolf glass cabinet. Until recently, this was the cage of my group of 2 male russian campbell's dwarfs (Apolo and Aurum; they died of diabetes). 9051 More great cages on my blog: hamstergehege.blogspot.com

Sonstiges - Die Hamster-Vitrine (140x50 auf zwei Ebenen)

Hallo, Nun komme ich tatsächlich endlich dazu, mein Gehege vor zu stellen :) Geplant habe ich das Ganze hier, falls jemand an der Entstehungsgeschichte...

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Page 863 of 907 - Proud of your hamsters cage - posted in Supplies & Accessories: New member with Rigels bin cage decorated for Halloween: [/url]IMG_20170911_135045878 by Kirsten Smith, on Flickr>http://IMG_20170911_135045878 by Kirsten Smith, on FlickrIMG_20170911_135636805(1) by Kirsten Smith, on FlickrIMG_20170911_135237097 by Kirsten Smith, on FlickrIMG_20170911_135113445 by Kirsten Smith, on Flickr