Tarte étagée au chocolat

Tri-Layer Chocolate Pie Three picture-perfect layers of chocolate and whipped cream. Read more: Easy Chocolate Pie Recipes - Best Recipe for Chocolate Pie - Country Living

La tarte aux pommes parfaite

The name says it all in this apple pie recipe. This truly is The Perfect Apple Pie - we& show you how to make a tender crust and a luscious apple filling.

Pâté au poulet

Kids will have fun and learn a new cooking technique with this homemade biscuit crust over a simple pot pie filling.

Tarte gourmande au beurre d'arachide

Mile-High Peanut Butter Pie recipe - What's better than layer upon layer of chocolate and creamy peanut butter? A pie made of the same, with (even more) warm chocolate and PB drizzled on top

Tarte aux bleuets classique

Tarte aux bleuets classique

Tarte au chocolat blanc

Tarte au chocolat blanc

This luxurious pie features a cookie-pecan crust and a creamy white chocolate filling. It takes just 20 minutes to prepare before it chills in the fridge.