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a poster showing the different types of cars in front of a house and an image of a
A Quick Checklist For A Burglar Proof Home [Infographic]
A Quick Checklist For A Burglar Proof Home #Infographic #Burglar #Home
the anatomy of an analog video surveillance system
CCTV Aetherica Jakarta: Photo
an info sheet describing how to choose the right security camera for your home or office
CCTV systems (security camera systems) are the most common form of security in public places. CCTV systems can be a controversial subject as not everyone supports the need for security camera surveillance in public places due the fear of personal privacy being invaded. In this regard, do you believe that having a CCTV in public places will help prevent or lessen crimes?
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Video Analytics
Video Analytics technology can trigger analytics-driven smarter home automation The new Video Analytics feature enables you to get smarter video alerts on what matters most to you. Video Analytics continuously scans the property and only notifies the owner when people, vehicles or animals are detected. #security #securitycompany #Globaltek #GlobaltekSecurity #equipment #devices #securitysystem #alarmsystem #videomonitoring #monitoring #VideoAnalytics