How to grow watermelon

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An Amazing Way To Grow Cucumbers With Little Effort

When it comes to trying to find a better way to grow cucumbers - sometimes you have to think outside the box - or at least traditional gardening.

10 Ways to Love Watermelon

Best summer fruit? Watermelon, without a doubt! Here's how and why to eat lots of it.

How to Grow Brussels Sprouts

How to Grow Brussels Sprouts **Brussels Sprouts are the ultimate late-weather crop because their flavor is improved from a bit of frost. It is best, then, to plan it so that the plants are mature

How to Grow Cucumbers, Pickles, Cukes | Gardener's Supply

Cukes are hot-weather plants. They hate cold soil and cold weather, so the soil should be at least 65 degrees at planting time.

How to Grow Elderberries in Your Garden

The elderberry fruit grows in the form of a large bush or shrub and is native to Europe and North America. The bush will produce dark blue-purple berries that are in bunches and are most often used to make wine, jellies, juices, and jams. The berries, when eaten raw, are very bitter, and are seldom eaten by themselves, but their versatility in making jams and juices are abundant! If you're interested in learning how to grow elderberries, keep reading! How to Grow Elderberries Elderberries…

How To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seed No Matter Where You Live

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, but you really should do a whole lot more than that. This little citrus fruit not only offers a multitude of health benefits, they're one of

One Simple Trick to Growing Lots of Melons

If you grow melons but don't see many fruit, you will need to help mother nature along with this incredibly simple trick.

Growing, Harvesting, and Storing Garlic | Homestead Honey

Garlic is such an easy crop to grow! Learn all about growing, storing, and harvesting garlic. Plus, uses for garlic in the kitchen & for medicinal purposes!

How to Re-Grow Green Onions

Have you been wondering how to re-grow green onions? It's surprisingly simple, and it makes a great gardening lesson for the kids too!

10 Tips for Growing Eggplant » A Healthy Life For Me

How to Get Rid of Tomato Blight and Prevent it From Coming Back Next Year

Find out how tomato blight spreads, how to get rid of it, and what to use to keep the disease from coming back next year.

Tips and Trick for Growing the Best Cucumbers

Awesome tips for growing cucumbers to make sure you have big, strong plants. Great ideas for getting rid of bitter cucumbers.

How to Grow Asparagus for the Next 30 Years

Learn "How to Grow and Harvest Asparagus" and you will have your own bed of fresh asparagus every year for up to 30 years!

What A Female Flower And A Male Flower Look Like On A Squash Plant

Mother Nature put both male and female squash blossoms on the same vine, but they?re too far apart to make fruit without a little help. Learn how to tell the difference between them here.

How To Grow Peppers: The Ultimate Guide

Growing peppers is easy when you know how. Learn all you need to know about pepper plant care: sun, soil, fertilizer, watering, harvesting, and much more!


Learn how to grow grow strawberries horizontally! The secret to growing strawberries made easy starts here! Detailed pictures and video to guide you.