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How to sew Tsuno Bag in 4 simple steps
1. Cut the pattern from your sewing DIY Kit and fix it to your fabric 2. Cut two panels and clip the outside edges, right sides together (or pin) 3. Sew the outside edge of the bag at 3/8” (1cm) seam allowance, then serge/overlock or zig-zag stitch the raw edge 4. Wrap double fold bias tape around the inside edges of the bag then attach it using an edgestitch And that’s it. The whole project could take as little as an hour to complete.
Free sewing patterns
Five free sewing patterns made for beginners :)
a man standing in front of a wall with the words hoodie written on it
How to sew for beginners
Easy hoodie tutorial made for beginners :)
Biggest plot twist of the year
Free sewing patterns paired with beginner tutorial videos for those learning to sew online🫶
Sewing creators be like…
Man in skirt, did I pull it off??
Unboxing handheld sewing machine
That feeling unwrapping a new sewing machine 💘
Free sewing pattern for hoodie now released 🤓 perfect for beginners sewing a hoodie
a sewing machine sitting on top of a pink fur covered bed sheet with the words singer written on it
Sewing with weird items!
Geting experimental is a good way to reignite that creative spark
I made a runway outfit with unexpected items. Runway Outfits
Sewing with Unexpected Items
I made a runway outfit with unexpected items.
Is sewing ever this relaxing?