How to Make Donair Sauce - Donair Sauce Recipe

Atlantic Canada Donair Sauce Recipe - How to Make Donair Sauce

How to Make Donair Sauce - Donair Sauce Recipe from Atlantic Canada(Hamburger Recipes)

Donair Sauce

Atlantic Canadian Donair Sauce is a popular deliciously creamy and sweet garlic sauce that many East Coast Canadians like to put on cheesy garlic fingers (like garlic bread) or on our famous Donairs.

The ingredients for Halifax-style donair sauce can be found in the pantry of any decent backwoods survivalist.

My recipe for Halifax Donair sauce is a sweet, garlicky sauce with a bit of a vinegar kick. Great on donair pizza or with garlic fingers.

Donair Meat Sandwiches

These tasty meatloaf Sandwiches are of Middle Eastern origin. Greeks, Turks, and Lebanese all lay claim to it. It has become a popular dish in Canada.

Feeding Marika's monkeys

I grew up eating sour leaf cabbage rolls. Hand rolling cabbage rolls takes so much time. Last time I made cabbage rolls.