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a white dandelion with a heart on it
#One-linerWednesday . . . You can be a good person . . .
an animal's eye is shown with paint brushes in front of it and on the other side
Top 5 Brushes to Use When Painting Fur in Acrylics - and how to use them! - Studio Wildlife
several colorful houses line the street with trees in the background
Kersey, Suffolk
Kersey, Suffolk, England.... Oh the charm!
an old wooden post on the beach with rope wrapped around it and grass in the background
It's a beautiful world!
It's a beautiful world!
a light house sitting on top of a sandy beach next to tall grass and sea oats
Point of Ayr Lighthouse Talacre Beach Photo Print A3 A4 18x12 or 12x8 inch North Wales
Hi Thanks for checking out my listing. This is for an image of the lighthouse on Talacre Beach in North Wales, officially known as Point of Ayr lighthouse but many just call it Talacre lighthouse. The photo was taken in November 2018 from the sand dunes that stand along the coast. I've purposely framed the lighthouse between the long grass with a little soft focus for added interest. I'll be printing this using a professional lab so that the quality is the best it can be, and the final presen