Epicure Extraordinary Cheese Dip- This dip is amazing. I threw an Epicure party just so I could buy the stuff to make it.

8 Minute Apple Crisp in my Epicure Food Steamer! This was pretty good, I should have only cooked for 6 min and then checked. 8 minutes was a little too long.

Steamer 21 Brilliant Silicone Inventions Eight Ways to Make Steamed Vegetables Taste Amazing — Tips from Epicure’s Silicone Steamers –

Epicure’s Chipotle, Bacon & Cheddar Chicken Dip.an awesome dip and a few cocktails with the ladies :)

Your guide to getting Kitchen Confident! Here is a closer look at utensils! Safe for nonstick pans, steel core, and heat resistant up to 425 degrees! Dunno about all this silcone.

MMmmmm I have all these epicure seasonings too! Will be an awesome summer chicken recipe to go with salad/pasta salad!