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Chrysa Serdari (@goldyser) • Φωτογραφίες και βίντεο στο Instagram Fashion, Instagram, Jewellery, Anti, Anti Fashion, Jewelry, Forward, Crown, Crown Jewelry
Chrysa Serdari (@goldyser) • Φωτογραφίες και βίντεο στο Instagram
a sculpture made out of colored sticks on top of a cement floor next to a white wall
Evan Holloway | Three Trees, 2017
a plaster hand is on the wall and it appears to be holding something in its right hand
Can We Still Be Good Enough If We Don't Overcompensate? - Wit & Delight | Designing a Life Well-Lived
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a red floor covered in curtains and a stuffed animal
Wired Laptop
a woman in a white trench coat with colored strips on her body and hands behind her back
Saskia de Brauw Poses in Bold Styles for Vogue Korea
someone is holding a cross stitch hoop with the word game over written in rainbow colors
This messed with my eyes
the sky is filled with pink and purple clouds
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a wall with many framed pictures and an eyeball on it
a fire extinguisher painted on the side of a wall in an office
Le ca ...- La Caixa on Behance La Caixa sur Behance -#artmuralintéressantdeb... woodworking - Wood Project
a pile of pink crates sitting on top of a sidewalk next to flowers and trees
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an old photo of a woman talking on her cell phone in front of a building
a woman standing on top of a piece of luggage
With nylon stockings scarce in WWII, women would cover their legs in makeup and even add the seam with eyeliner so it looked like stockings