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Gerald Flickinger

Gerald Flickinger
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Studio 5 Sweet Shoppe: A quicker way to make classic holiday caramels!

A quicker way to make classic holiday caramels! High Altitude Tip for candy making: for every feet in altitude, subtract 2 degrees from the "boil to temp" in recipe. Most candy recipes are given for sea level.

‘The Babylonian World Map, the earliest surviving map of the world (c. 600 BCE), is a symbolic, not a literal representation. It deliberately omits peoples such as the Persians and Egyptians, who were well known to the Babylonians. The area shown is depicted as a circular shape surrounded by water, which fits the religious image of the world in which the Babylonians believed.’

Babylonian Map of the World: Incised on a clay tablet & dates to the century BC. It was discovered at Sippar, southern Iraq, 60 miles km) north of Babylon on the Euphrates River, & was published in The clay tablet resides at the British Museum.

Hot and Spicy Gingersnaps from @RecipeGirl {}

Hot and spicy gingersnaps from RecipeGirl - Eat Your Books is an indexing website that helps you find & organize your recipes. Click the "View Complete Recipe" link for the original recipe.