Grow Your Garden: Planting Hacks

Unlock the secrets of successful gardening with our expert planting tips! These hacks will help your garden thrive. Let’s grow together!
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many different types of flowers are shown in this graphic style, including sunflowers and other
Guide to Blooming Flowers in July
As summer heats up, watch your garden burst into a vibrant display of colors. July ushers in a season of stunning blossoms at their peak. Explore 9 exquisite blooms that will fill your garden with a cascade of color and joy.
flowers blooming in june with the words mayne bridale, flowers blooming in
Guide to Blooming Flowers in June
As the sun’s rays grow warmer, witness your garden’s transformation into a vibrant tapestry of colors. June heralds a season of vivid blossoms unfurling in their glory. Discover 9 exquisite blooms that will infuse your garden with a cascade of color and delight.
an illustrated guide to the many varieties of vegetables and how they can be used for cooking
Companion Planting Guide
Unleash the Magic of Growth: Let Mayne’s planters be the canvas for your vegetable masterpiece! Our Companion Planting Guide is the key to unlocking a garden that’s not just alive, but a thriving spectacle of nature’s harmony.
many different types of flowers are shown in this graphic style, with the names and description below
Perfect Planter Recipe
Unveil a garden fantasy with ‘Mayne’s Thrillers, Spillers, Fillers guide’—where planters craft tales in bloom. 🌟🌱🎭 Let the Thrillers command the stage, Fillers enrich the plot, and Spillers gracefully cascade. Watch your garden’s saga unfold in vibrant splendor! 🌺✨ #GardenStory
a poster with different types of plants and their names on it's front cover
The Ultimate Guide to Natural Pest Control
Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a lush, vibrant garden with our top picks for pest-repelling plants!
many different types of flowers are shown in this graphic style, with the names and colors
Guide to Blooming Flowers in May
Embark on a journey to cultivate a garden that captivates and nurtures. Discover the most resilient and dazzling blooms to grace your May garden in North America. Create a sanctuary that delights the senses and soothes the spirit. 🌺🌿
herbs that grow together for optimal regulation and soil health
Herbs that grow together
Maximize irrigation and soil health with herb companions! These herbs will help achieve optimum irrigation and soil health. 💪
a man in an orange shirt and green pants is spraying pests on trees
What are Insect Pests and how do we keep them at bay?
From beneficial bugs to organic sprays, dive into our comprehensive guide on understanding and managing garden pests! Discover how to create a harmonious garden ecosystem that keeps unwanted critters at bay while promoting plant health.
Warm weather is finally here and it’s time to get the most out of your garden this Summer! Summer Tips, Patio Planters, Small Patio, Backyard Oasis, Gardening Tips, Warm Weather
Warm weather is finally here and it’s time to get the most out of your garden this Summer!
a woman kneeling down to pick up vegetables in her garden with the words preparing for fall vegetable gardening
Prepping for Fall Vegetable Gardening
Say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn with a thriving garden! 🍂🌱 Ready to dig into fall gardening? Join us on our latest blog where we unearth the secrets of successful fall vegetable gardening. From selecting the best garden beds to preparing your soil and choosing the right veggies, we've got you covered. Extend your homegrown harvest into the cooler months, because fresh tastes best, no matter the season!
a poster with the words wintering your perennials - checklist written in orange
Wintering Your Perennials - Checklist
Ready to winter-proof your perennials? Dive into our latest blog that will teach you everything you need to know. These tips will ensure your garden blooms beautifully come spring! #WinterGardening #PerennialProtection #ColdWeatherCare #GardenChecklist #GreenThumbGuide #WinterReadyPlants #SeasonalGardening #GardenPrep #FrostProofing
an info sheet with instructions on how to keep in mind while storing bulbs for the winter
5 Things To Keep In Mind While Storing Bulbs For The Winter
Safeguard your bulbs for a vibrant spring bloom! Discover the top 5 essential tips for winter storage in our latest blog. #BulbCare #WinterStorage #GardeningTips #BloomPrep #BulbsToBlooms #BulbBasics #ColdWeatherGardening #GardenGlow #PlantProtection #WinterGardening
plants that keep pests away are shown in this poster, which shows the different types and
Plants that keep pests away
Looking to keep those pesky pests away? 🐜Create a garden sanctuary with these natural insect-repelling plants that not only enhance your outdoor space but also serve as effective pest deterrents.