Stylish Planter Inspirations

Explore these planter styles that’ll transform your space into a lush oasis. Let your green thumb thrive!
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a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table
Elegance to your space with the Augusta 20in Self-Watering Planter
A lightweight alternative to traditional urn planters, making it vastly easier to maintain
a large white planter sitting on top of a sidewalk next to a lush green bush
Marble Queen Pothos & vibrant Croton in our chic Chelsey Planter.
Perfect for shaded areas that need a pop of color.
a red brick building with flowers and an american flag in the window boxes on it
Fairfield Window Boxes
Show off your pride alongside the elegance of Fairfield Window Boxes! 🏡 Four colors to choose from: Black, White, Espresso, and Graphite Grey. Perfectly accentuating your brick homes and patriotic spirit! Which shade is calling your name?
four different types of flower boxes with flowers in them and the words window boxes below
Window Box Styles
Upgrade your windows style with these window boxes! There is a style suited for everyone.
the modern planters are all different colors and sizes
Modern Planter Styles
Upgrade your plant game with these modern and stylish planters! From the Kobi collection to the Acadia collection, there is something for everyone.