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the different types of flowers and their meanings
Mayne Guide: Perennial vs Annual
Discover the beauty of perennials and the vibrant joy of annuals! 🌼✨ Our guide helps you create a stunning garden all year round. Click for tips and examples! 🌿🌺
a man is using a lawn mower to trim the plants in his garden bed
Mayne How-To: Install Raised Garden Bed
Create a lush garden with our step-by-step guide to building a raised bed. 🌼🛠️ #RaisedBedRevolution #UrbanGardening #EcoFriendlyLiving #GrowYourOwn #GoMayne
a woman standing in front of a planter with the title, mayne guide summer tips for your garden learn more
Mayne Guide: Summer Tips for Your Garden
Cultivate your lush oasis! Top tips for thriving gardens this sunny season. 🌿#summergarden
a woman using a drill to fix a cabinet door with the words, mayone how - to's drill a drainage hole
Mayne How-To: Drill a Drainage Hole
Turn your Mayne planters into an ideal sanctuary for your plants! 🌿✨ Simply add a drainage hole to utilize the sub-irrigation system fully, promoting healthy root growth for a lush and vigorous garden. Dive into our straightforward guide and greet a more joyful, thriving green space!
a man is watering plants in a raised garden bed with the words, mayne build transform your space with garden beds learn more
Mayne Guide: Transform Your Space with Garden Beds!
Explore the joys of planting with Mayne’s garden beds – perfect for green thumbs of all levels! Select Your Garden Adventure: Raised or Ground Garden Beds.
Mother's Day Gift Guide The One, Gratitude, Mom Day, A Mother, Gift Cards, Gift Guide, Mother’s Day, Gift Card
Gratitude Blooms: A Mother’s Day Tribute with Our Handpicked Gift Guide
Honor the sanctuary of warmth and care this Mother’s Day with our curated selection of presents. Discover the perfect way to express your gratitude to the one who has been your steadfast support, providing love and guidance at every turn. And for the ultimate gesture of appreciation, our gift cards offer the freedom to choose—a tribute to her impeccable taste. Celebrate her with us. 💕🌷 #MothersDay #HeartOfHome #ThankfulTribute #ChooseToCherish
the self - watering planter guide for beginners to use it in their garden
Self-Watering Planter Checklist: Best Practices for Effortless Gardening
Boost your garden with self-watering planters! 🌱 ✅ Check water levels often, especially in heat. ✅ Pick plants that love moisture—skip the succulents. ✅ Fill slowly to avoid spills. ✅ Clean the reservoir to stop algae. Happy, hydrated plants with less work!
a magazine cover with potted plants in front of the title, maybe reason why switch to self - watering planters? learn more
Why Switch to Self-Watering Planters?
Say goodbye to over and under-watering. Self-watering planters have built-in reservoirs that provide a constant supply of water to your plants, preventing them from drying out or drowning.
the different types of flowers are shown in this graphic diagram, which shows how they can be
Pairing perfection. Discover the ideal plant-planter harmony for your oasis! Find the perfect match that will bring your space to life and showcase your style with these expertly curated plant and planter combinations. Get ready to be inspired!
a planter with grass growing out of it and the words self watering planners above it
A Quick Guide to Self Watering Planters
Say goodbye to plant neglect with our self-watering planters! These magical planters help solve all your plant woes, whether you're busy or living in a hot and dry climate. Learn more about how they work on our blog!
a mailbox with flowers in it and the words, mayne how to install a mail post
Mayne How-To: Install a Mail Post
Transform your curb appeal in just a few simple steps! 🏡✨ Learn how to install your own mail post with our easy guide. From digging the hole to adding personal touches, we've got you covered!
a sign that is on the side of a building with flowers growing out of it
Mayne How-To: Install Decorative Corbels for Window Box
Ready to take your window boxes to the next level? We’ve got three fabulous styles to choose from, each designed to complement your Mayne window box.
a white planter with a fern in it and the words maybe how to clean white polyethyle products
Mayne How-To: Clean White Polyethylene Products
Here's the 411 on how to give your polyethylene treasures some TLC
a white planter sitting on top of a wooden railing next to a window box
Mayne How-To: Assemble a Yorkshire Window Box
Let’s get crafty with our Yorkshire Window Box and transform your sill into the talk of the town. Here are the quick and easy steps to assemble the Yorkshire window box.
an advertisement for a large planter on the side of a building
Mayne Guide: Choosing Large Planters for Commercial Spaces
Step into spaces where large planters aren’t just décor, they’re a statement. Discover how to choose the perfect titans for your commercial landscapes and make every entrance grand.