Renovate a Home in 4 Days

GOOD + Nest teamed up with Nuevo South to renovate a community home in Los Angeles. See how we did it.
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a chalkboard with writing on it in front of a window and some wooden chairs
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“I want kids to think, ‘I’m walking in here and I feel inspired. I know this place could help me.’” - Jorge Nuno, founder Nuevo South #ThisNestHome #artsylighting #chalkboardwall
a red door with the words big house painted on it and potted cacti
Front entrance after renovation! #reddoor #thebighouse #frontdoor #modernhome
a woman sitting on the floor in front of a wall with some tape and paint
Painting is the best part of renovating, but be sure you have a lot of help!
a woman is standing with her back to the camera and looking up at something in the air
Paint again, again. #blackpaint #blackwall #modern
a roll of toilet paper sitting on top of a window sill
Buy #rosin #paper. Keeps everything clean while you're flinging paint around.
the room is being remodeled and ready to be used as a living room or office
Paint again.
a woman and two children looking out the window at another child standing in front of her
Enlist your kids for help! #familyfun #kidfriendly
some people are painting the walls in a room with wood trimmings and paintbrushes
#renovation #painting #team
a camera mounted on the side of a wall
Security is important for keeping our kids, and the Big House, safe: ft. Nest Cam. #home #security #camera
an empty classroom with chalkboard and chairs
Chalkboard wall and caged hanging lights.
nest's new home security system is here
Nest Protect
We wanted the Big House to have security that was as beautiful as our renovations. This #smoke #alarm is called Nest Protect.
a living room with a chair, rug and potted plant
We Are Scout - Design-led Craft + DIY. Interiors + Home.
Inspiration for living room #leather #chair
a camera mounted to the side of a white wall next to a door with an open window
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Keep an eye on the things that matter to you with Dropcam. #security #camera #nest
an orange and black clock on a wall with a white pattern in the back ground
Nest Learning Thermostat
a thermostat that looks as good as your wallpaper