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a robot is standing in the rain with his head turned to look like he's looking at something
Alternative Cyberman designs – Cybermantra
two people sitting on the ground in front of a robot and another person standing next to them
a drawing of a man in a space suit on the wall next to control panel
three metal figurines standing next to each other in front of rocks and dirt
Eleventh Doctor, Lord, Amy Pond, Captain Jack Harkness, Matt Smith, The Doctor, Tenth Doctor
Tackling a 44-Year-Old Plot Hole Just Made ‘Doctor Who’ More Relevant Than Ever
several people in costumes standing next to each other with lights on their heads and arms
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the back wall of a building with many plates on display in front of glass windows
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a robot holding a baseball bat in his right hand
We Are Cybermen by spectrum-sparkle on DeviantArt
an image of a sci - fi robot with lights coming out of it's back
an image of a robot that is standing in the dark
three futuristic looking objects sitting next to each other
Android, History, Films, Dr Who 10, Doctor Who Wallpaper
This Week In DOCTOR WHO History: Nov 30th to Dec 6th
Batman, Military, People, Doomsday