Australian researchers have observed two specimens of a rare sea dragon that's never before been seen alive.

Newly discovered ruby sea dragon seen alive in wild for 1st time

A ruby sea dragon Phyllopteryx dewysea that washed up on the Point Culver cliffs in Western Australia.

Ruby Seadragon Has Been Seen In The Wild For The First Time

A live ruby seadragon has been spotted on camera for the first time. The rare species, that was discovered in 2015 from museum collections, was caught on camera by marine biologists from Scripps Oceanography in San Diego

Phyllopteryx dewysea, alias le dragon de mer rubis, évolue au large des côtes australiennes. Sa découverte a porté au nombre de 3 les espèces de dragons de mer existant.  ©Western Australian Museum

Strikingly Fascinating: Elusive Ruby Seadragon Spotted In Its Natural Habitat For The First Time

New Species, The ‘Ruby Seadragon,’ Discovered By Scripps Researchers

New Seadragon Species Discovered After 150 Years; the Ruby Seadragon uses color as camouflage. X-ray skeletons shown here top to bottom: leafy seadragon, weedy sea dragon, and the recently discovered ruby seadragon. via ZME Science

Weedy Seadragon!Phyllopteryx taeniolatus, in all her glory….This weedy seadragon lives down to 50 meters in areas that are covered in seaweed. Its “weedy” complexion helps it blend in amongst the algae.  There are only three known species of seadragons, with the Ruby Seadragon (Phyllopteryx dewysea) being discovered in 2015! How many other seadragons roam the seas?Photo: David Gruber

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Image result for unusual sea dragon photos

Image result for unusual sea dragon photos

‘The surprises still hidden in our oceans’: A ruby red seadragon in Science News curated by Sara Olstad

The ruby seadragon (top to bottom): on deck after collection; and in various views from scans. Credit for top photo: Western Australian Museum.

If we can overlook such a charismatic new species for so long, we definitely have many more exciting discoveries awaiting us in the oceans. Description from I searched for this on

Scientists discover new Ruby Seadragon species in the Pacific Ocean

Known only from old museum specimens, scientists have now found the magnificently bizarre ruby seadragon swimming in the sea.