Banff & Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies * Canadian Pacific by Peter Ewart 1939 #travel #poster

canadian pacific - Banff and lake Louise in the canadian rockies - 1939 - artist : Peter Ewart -

9-Day Cruises / Canadian Pacific - Tom Purvis, 1938

1938 travel poster promoting cruises on the St Lawrence Seaway via Canadian Pacific (artwork by Tom Purvis)

CN logo. Designed by Allan Fleming and James Valkus (1960). #CanadianNationalRailway

Though it's often not acknowledged by the US RR press, this is the face that revolutionized locomotive cab design across North America - it came.from Canada!

Canada West: The New Homeland  Canadian Pacific Archives, 1923

Canadian Pacific - Canada West Date: 1923 Source: Canadian Pacific. And fewer hills.

Canadian Pacific - Beautiful Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies

Beautiful Lake Louise Vintage Canadian Travel and Tourism Posters and Art from Enjoy Art.

Canadian Pacific St. Andrews Canada Fine Art Giclee Print  This is a vintage fine art giclee print featuring an advertising for Canadian Pacific Railway to entice travelers to places like St. Andrews Golf Club in New Brunswick, Canada. This pretty lady is going to knock out the competition without even touching a club. See Canadian Pacific St. Andrews Canada Fine Art Giclee Print framed.

Andrews Algonquin By The Sea Ad Poster Golfing Giclee Art Print WIth Stretched Canvas Option

Parks Canada logo. Designed by Roderick Huggins (1970s). #parkscanada

Parks Canada logo designed by Roderick Huggins in 1970 for Parks Canada - Government of Canada

The Hudson's Bay point blanket. Made since the 18th Century and still in production. 100% wool. #Canadian

The Hudson's Bay point blanket. We brought some like this and some red and black ones back from Canada in the mid-fifties. What wonderful blankets!

Quebecois Maple Syrup Can. Its design and contents are as Canadian as it gets. #tasteslikeCanada

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Editors' Picks

Quebec maple syrup - my grandmother (Memere) frequently brought this back for us when she visited Quebec, where she - and two of my other grandparents - was/were born (the fourth grandparent was born in Maine to French-Canadian parents).

Canadian Airlines logo. Designed by Michel Viau at Ove Design (1987). #CanadianAirlines

Designed by Michel Viau at Ove Design

Via Rail logo. Designed by Burton Kramer (1976).

Via Rail logo. Designed by Burton Kramer

The Just For Laughs mascot, "Victor". Designed by Vittorio Fiorucci. #JustForLaughs #Montreal

Just For Laughs: mascot (Victor) + logo

National Film Board logo. Designed by Georges Beaupré (1969).

Watch quality Canadian documentary, animation and fiction films online

Canadian Pacific Ad 1958

designstroy: (via hmdavid) Canada: it’s like America, but with cool monarchs.

Travel The Canadian  Roger Couillard, Canadian Pacific Archives, 1955

Canadian Pacific Train Art Poster - I would love to have a room of just vintage railroad travel posters.

- Thomas Hall, for Canadian Pacific 1938

Canada for Game Fish, Canadian Pacific travel poster by Thomas Hall, guide photos collections tips