A great visual for Probability…not on the blog…just this picture

A great visual for Probability. And it shows the word problems for what the probability is. Students will know how to write a math sentence from this anchor chart.

Probability worksheets activities and games for younger kids!!

Probability MEGA Pack of Math Stations Worksheets and Activities

PROBABILITY AND PROBLEM SOLVING. Children describe event as likely or less likely and create the probability examples. Children reflect on the process of mathematical problem solving. I would provide a real jar and color marbles.

Here's an activity where students sort probability statements into the categories certain and impossible. Includes center materials and a cut and paste version for students.

This sort will help your students with the vocabulary terms 'certain' and 'impossible'. It includes cards for whole group use, as well as an independent cut and paste version.

Students place 10 cubes on the numbers they predict they will roll..  Students take turns rolling two dice.  If they roll a number that they have covered, they take the cube off that number.  Students keep on playing until someone has removed all their cubes from their game board.

Probability Game - Clear the Board. Very much like "Boats on the River" game. Link to game board

3D animated Math Probability Spinner Video

Here's a fun western animated video to introduce probability. Great introduction to zero probability, a probability of and several in between.

for teaching probability

Teachers-- Add some fun to your probability lesson plans with these clever and effective children's books that teach probability.

Probability Unit for First and Second Grade

Probability Unit for First and Second Grade