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Aanstaande maandag een nieuwe bezinningsmomentje. Een liefdevol weekend toegewenst. <3

This is a spell book for anyone's use but please do not use it for bad. It will have info on wicca and my own book of shadows entries. Bless met, Bless part, H. Chakras, Tarot, Smudging Prayer, Sage Smudging, Spiritual Cleansing, Energy Cleansing, Under Your Spell, Smudge Sticks, Book Of Shadows

Raise The Energy In Your Home With Smudging - In5D

If you feel heavy with negative energy or if you have unwanted entities in your home, smudging will expel them. It is very powerful and has been done for thousands of years in many cultures. Sage is the major herb used in Smudging but Sweetgrass, cedar, rosemary and mugwort are also very powerful stuff too and can be used together with Sage. Many smudge sticks will have cedar as this is a good protective herb and it also burns well. To the Native Americans Sage was one of the gifts ...

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Morning Coffee Thought: Warriors, Sobriety and all that stuff

Until my involvement with ACTION and Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp, I have never been to a blockade or to a land reclamation. Does being at a blockade and or reclamation site make a warrior? Does one have to be in an armed conflict, or face to face showdown with the paramilitary to be considered one?