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Graphene is the most strongest material in the world and have many super features in ( Electronics , Power , Nanotechnology , Mechanics , Safety ..... and more ) so it enter in a lot of fields and everyday Graphene uses grow for give manufacturing material more strong and great feature

Graphene Uses
 for memory solutions technology and manufacturing in memory products announced an addition to new products as to their prestigious T-FORCE gaming line of. Electronic News, Hexagon Pattern, Nanotechnology, Gaming, Presents, Hardware, Electronics, Gifts, Game

Graphene SSD has presented from gaming hardware manufacturers

Super sensor Graphene-based can detectors single-photon Hexagon Pattern, Nanotechnology, Canning, 2d, Israel, September, Future, Blog, Future Tense

Super sensor Graphene-based can detectors single-photon

Nanotube construction and modifying to make new tech Nanotechnology, Future Tech, Construction, Building

Nanotube construction and modifying to make new tech

Graphene oxide 'paper' changes with strain: Researchers say material is more or less brittle, depending on how hard it's pulled Physics Research, Genome Project, Material Science, Electron Microscope, E Mc2, Hexagon Pattern, Quantum Mechanics, Nanotechnology

Graphene oxide layers mechanical properties of the material change depending on the rate of strain

Atmotube is a portable air quality monitor that pairs with a smartphone app for real-time measurements. The device measures carbon monoxide, volatile High Tech Gadgets, Cool Gadgets, Electronic News, Hd Led, Hexagon Pattern, New Inventions, Air Pollution, Mini, Monitor

Use graphene in Pollution sensor makes it more small, sensitive and affordable