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Graphene Uses
Columbia researchers have observed the fractional quantum Hall effect in bilayer graphene and shown that this exotic state of matter can be tuned by an electric field. Physics Research, Hall Effect, Electronic News, Electric Field, Material Science, Research And Development, Future Tech, Behavior, Fun Facts

Graphene transistor increases processors speed and uses power less

Searching for grow electronic effective and energy-efficient scientists give attention to Graphene transistor because best way enhance transistors (TFETs) performance

This material is a new addition to a family of graphene crystals. Graphene Lab announced that it will be selling a new graphene oxide. Physics Research, Material Science, Hexagon Pattern, Nanotechnology, Layers, Layering, Materials Science

Selling a new graphene oxide material with single-layer

This material is a new addition to a family of 2D graphene crystals. Graphene 3D Lab announced that it will be selling a new graphene oxide..... .. Read more >>

Graphene LEDs will make revolution in Optoelectronics, optical computing and quantum electronics after success to emit single photons by Graphene LEDs Quantum Mechanics, Nanotechnology, Symbols, Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Glyphs, Icons

Graphene LEDs emit single photons for quantum electronics

Graphene LEDs will make revolution in Optoelectronics, optical computing and quantum electronics after success to emit single photons by Graphene LEDs

Better than the human eye: Tiny camera with adjustable zoom could aid endoscopic imaging, robotics, night vision -- ScienceDaily Thermoelectric Materials, Tiny Camera, Genome Project, Electronic Workbench, Electronic News, Electron Microscope, Hexagon Pattern, Human Eye, Futuristic Technology

New graphene microwave photodetector 100,000 more sensitive than existing

A joint team has developed cryogenic microwave photodetector which is able to detect 100,000 times smaller light energy compared to the existing photedetectors. The significance is..... .. Read more >>

PNNL's high performance zinc-polyiodide flow battery approaches the performance of some lithium-ion batteries (Image: PNNL) Flow Battery, Lead Acid Battery, Energy Density, Material Science, Keep The Lights On, Energy Storage, Nanotechnology, High Energy, Renewable Energy

Two German companies have collaboration to produce graphene flow batteries

Talga (Germany company for advanced materials and resources) have a new agreement with JenaBatteries (a German-based technology company) under the Agreement, Talga will formulate and..... .. Read more >>

Nanodiamonds boost treatment of chemo-resistant leukemia Healthcare News, Medical News, Nanotechnology, Future Tech, Health Care, Cancer, Lights, Spy, Stage

Diamond help produce high-quality graphene with low cost

Argonne Labs and UC Riverside have developed a method to grow graphene that contains relatively few impurities and costs less to make, in a..... .. Read more >>

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Vindicates Radical Visions of Molecular Nanotechnology Technology World, Medical Technology, Computer Technology, Medical Robots, Nobel Prize In Chemistry, Dialysis, Medical Research, Dna, Deathstroke

Graphene engine for nanorobots makes medical revolution

New medical revolution Graphene engine makes it at nanorobots in medicine that could be sent into the body to release targeted drugs or even fight diseases.

Memory wafer seen in this electron microscope appear layered structure of tantalum oxide graphene multilayer Electron Microscope, Nanotechnology, Tech Companies, Memories, Reading, Memoirs, Souvenirs, Reading Books, Remember This

Graphene-Tantalum create high density memory

Graphene-Tantalum create high density memory & 100 times less energy than any other and overcomes crosstalk problems that cause read errors in other devices

nickel phosphide crystal Nanoparticle opens the door to clean-energy alternatives through a chemical reaction that generates hydrogen from water, effectively triggered -- or catalyzed by the Nanoparticle Engineering Technology, Energy Technology, Physics Research, Materials And Structures, Hydrogen Gas, Material Science, Chemical Reactions, Nanotechnology, Science News

New tech makes cheap graphene 100 times less previous methods

Cheap graphene is dream to a lot of people to use it more in many fields & New tech make this dream & produce cheap graphene 100 times less previous methods

 Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a lung cancer cell during cell division (cytokinesis). The two daughter cells remain temporarily joined by a cytoplasmic bridge (centre). Cancer cells divide rapidly in a chaotic, u Lung Cancer, Cancer Cure, Breast Cancer, Cancer Cells, Liver Cancer, Endocannabinoid System, Cancer Fighting Foods, Types Of Cancers, Cancer Types

Graphene device assists in cancer treatments

A new Graphene device developed by American researchers at the University of Michigan could provide a non-invasive way to monitor the progress of an advanced cancer..... .. Read more >>

Graphene image by electronic microscope Electron Microscope, Nanotechnology, This Or That Questions, Electronics, Image, Consumer Electronics

What is Graphene ?!

A lot of people hear about Graphene but don't know accurately about it and ask this question What is Graphene ?! and what it uses and features ?!