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Two German companies have collaboration to produce graphene flow batteries

PNNL's high performance zinc-polyiodide flow battery approaches the performance of some lithium-ion batteries (Image: PNNL)

Graphene transistor increases processors speed and uses power less

Columbia researchers have observed the fractional quantum Hall effect in bilayer graphene and shown that this exotic state of matter can be tuned by an electric field.

New graphene microwave photodetector 100,000 more sensitive than existing

Better than the human eye: Tiny camera with adjustable zoom could aid endoscopic imaging, robotics, night vision

New tech makes cheap graphene 100 times less previous methods

Cheap graphene is dream to a lot of people to use it more in many fields & New tech make this dream & produce cheap graphene 100 times less previous methods

Selling a new graphene oxide material with single-layer

This material is a new addition to a family of graphene crystals. Graphene Lab announced that it will be selling a new graphene oxide.

Graphene LEDs emit single photons for quantum electronics

Graphene LEDs will make revolution in Optoelectronics, optical computing and quantum electronics after success to emit single photons by Graphene LEDs

Diamond help produce high-quality graphene with low cost

Nanodiamond Technology Lights New Path in Medical Diagnostics - ONE HealthCare Worldwide News

Memory wafer seen in this electron microscope appear layered structure of tantalum oxide graphene multilayer

Graphene-Tantalum create high density memory & 100 times less energy than any other and overcomes crosstalk problems that cause read errors in other devices

Graphene device helps to monitor the progress of an advanced cancer treatment

This is a scanning electron micrograph (SEM), coloured by Steve Gscheissner, of a lung cancer cell dividing. The two daughter cells remain temporarily joined at the cytoplasmic bridge.