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forget princess i want to be an astrophysicist - Yes! Attainable goals for girls. Pfffft you missed the princess boat the second your parents weren't a King & Queen so stop peddling that elitist BS

One of my favorites... Importance of logic!

We need to teach critical thinking and logic in school. Yes, too many people would still shun any logic or evidence that didn't support what they want to be true, but it would surely be a step in the right direction.

That women who stuffed a bible down her child's throat and set it on fire claimed God told her to. She's in prison now. I would not trust Abraham with my child. Yet so many people are trusting of religion with theirs. That is why religious cults are teeming with predators.

Yup let's murder innocents annually and give the spoils to poor people under some misguided illusion of charity and sacrifice, to selfishly earn points to get into a wrathful diety's heaven, because of some story book dude from Israel.