Inviting students to document their learning.

Inviting students to document their learning: i think i'm going to do a similar activity with the photos i take of my students playing math games. What strategy are you using?

Making learning visible-Scribble documentation

Scribble documentation- like how it is focused on meaning-making and includes the children's theories, the adult's theories, and work samples in a very clear visual format

record keeping; documentation ... like the organization of this binder.

WTW weekly sorts Conferring notebook for the teacher : Easy way to see the whole class. Space for "next steps" or "small group" notes.

Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: How I Plan and Implement Project/Inquiry Based Learning In My Class

I get multiple emails every day asking for copies of my inquiry planning templates and daily schedules. After clearing all of my emails an.