Legolas Greenleaf (Dante's Prayer)

To help take the edge off this unforgettable day: 'Legolas Greenleaf' video. Music: 'Dante's Prayer' by Loreena McKennitt

Legolas- I Need A Hero

A vid about Legolas (our hero) Enjoy and please comment. Song: Holding out for Hero by Bonnie Tyler DISCLAIMER: I own nothing except the editing.

Legolas of Mirkwood

Video I made, all about the courageous, brave and sensitive blonde haired elf - Legolas. The story of "The Fellowship of the Ring" without the non-Legolas pa.

Legolas ~ Stand My Ground

Legolas ~ Stand My Ground

Legolas~Like You

A Legolas video using the song Like You by Evanescence.

Legolas~My Last Breath

Ok, so this is my first Legolas video that I have used actual video clips in, so please rate and comment. The song is My Last Breath by Evanescence.


A Legolas video using the song Lithium by Evanescence.

Legolas~If Everyone Cared

A Legolas video using the song If Everyone Cared by Nickelback.The music, video clips, or L.


A Legolas video using the song Imaginary by Evanescence. If you like it, check out my other videos.

Legolas-Falling Into You

A Legolas video using the song Falling Into You by Celine Dion.