Grimm's Kolbassa Kale & White Bean Soup

Grimm's Kolbassa Kale & White Bean Soup, hearty, healthy and perfect for cold days.

Grimm's Sizzlin' Jalapeno & Mozzarella Smokie Kebab with Chipotle Aioli

Summer is here and we could not be happier! The evenings are spent outsdie with family and friends while the smell of barbecue fills the air.

Grimm's Bavarian Smokie Cassoulet

Pefect for any time of year, this cassoulet recipe using Bavarian Smokies makes for an easy weekday meal. There is minimal amount of preparation required, just let the flavours meld!

Grimm's Festive Ham & Sweet Potato Soup

If you recently had a ham dinner and are looking for a way to repurpose your leftovers, this recipe might just do the trick. We whipped up this healthy soup with leftover Festive Ham and items found in most homes.

Meat Lover's Lasagna Rolls

Meat Lover's Lasagna Rolls - made with gluten-free lasagne noodles! Thanks, Kerry! Thanks, Grimm's Fine Foods!

Grimm's Smoked Turkey Egg Cups

Simple yet elegant, Grimm’s Smoked Turkey egg cups are an easy way to prepare breakfast or Sunday brunch. These low calorie bundles pack a lot of protein making it a healthy choice for your family and guests.

Grimm's Bacon Potato Soup

A skinny version of Loaded Baked Potato Soup that does not require any heavy cream. By using Double Smoked Side Bacon, you only have to use a small amount to get the rich, smoky flavour throughout the soup.

Borscht with Grimm's Kolbassa Sausage

Our version of Borscht is made with grated beets, red cabbage and chopped up Kolbassa sausage for a slightly smokey broth.

Gluten Free Farmer Sausage Citrus Penne

This gluten free pasta dish is simple to make when you’re in a pinch! The light, creamy citrus dressing balances the richness of the sausage and adds a refreshing twist to the meal.

Gluten Free BLT Burrito Bowl.  Great weekday meal the whole family can enjoy!

B.L.T Burrito Bowl

Great weekday meal the whole family can enjoy!

Grimm's Okanagan Apple Sausage Salad

We love this entree salad highlighting some of the beautiful fruit the Okanagan has to offer. Try this salad for an easy refreshing lunch or dinner! What would you change about this recipe?