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Building Your Personal Brand
Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand. And this can be an incredible thing. Honing your personal brand can help people understand what you're about, and even make you more hireable (say what?)... These are some quick tips that you can use to narrow down + and start building your personal brand - the way you want to be seen.
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Questions to Ask About Your Growth Strategy
Growth is an experiment. You can make educated guesses, but at the end of the day, you never really know what’s going to happen. When building your growth strategy, you’ll want to experiment with different channels from email marketing, to social ads, to SEO, to see what performs best for your business. Like with any good experiment, you need to be ready to fail, because some of your most useful learnings will come from failure.
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Ways to get google to like you
SEO Checklist to Optimize Your Website
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Learn Your Customer's Language | Ashley Chymiy, Heart-Centered Coach
the growth reading list includes books and other information
Growth Reading List
We've put together a reading list for you comprised of some favourite books about growth, courtesy of the GC community! If you've read any of these or have any recommendations, let us know ✨
Everything You Need to Know About Meta Descriptions | SEO Tips for Business Owners
the book cover for how to start with your brand's why
The Scoop on Powerful Branding — Start with your Brand's "Why" -
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Pulling Back the Veil | Where I Get My Leads From -
Lead Generation. It can sound like a small biz buzzword at first, but then you realize the concept is pretty straight-forward! Lead generation is essentially an analysis of where your leads are coming from and how many of those convert into sales. This is critical for small business owners to grasp because, without leads, there’s no work. Learn more about lead generation, strategic marketing, and repurposing content to find new clients. #leadgeneration #contentmarketing #marketingtips #business
what is brand strategy? and how do you use it? infographical poster
What is a brand strategy and why do you need it?
Welcome to the confusing, incredible, too-on-trend world of “branding”. It’s kind of a sh*t-show at the moment. (Just the phrase brand strategy is overused and misunderstood. Like everyone has a totally different definition of brand strategy and some designers even use it to just mean “hey, I put some thought into your branding.” #brandstrategy #brandingidentity #brandingtips