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the words you deserves to be seen are written in black on a pink and white background
Growclass | Learn Growth Marketing Online
This month we need to be keeners in our own lives, our own learning, and our own growth. We need to sit right smack in the front row and take up some space. Put up your damn hand. You deserve to be seen.
an apple tree is in the middle of a circular area with text that reads, enjoy the journey
enjoy the journey
the words stop being so afraid to be confident are in green on a white background
an orange and white photo with the words your life is as good as your mindset
happythreads | VSCO
the words are written in black and white on a pink circle with an orange dot
nothing worthy comes easy
You deserve to see what you can do when you put your whole self into it. Refuse to give up halfway (but remember to still be kind to yourself).
the words breathe in breathe out left go are cut into squares
breath in
This is your friendly reminder to slow down for a minute. Take five minutes for yourself, just to breathe. It's easy to get distracted by a whirlwind of priorities, and forget to check in with yourself. So here is your push. Take a deep breath, and release. Let it go, and reset.
a pink wall with the words your worth isn't determined by your work
your worth isn't determined by your work
Your worth is determined by the life you craft for yourself and for the ones you love. How much learning, growth, magic, joy, exploration, love, laughter, and fun you build into your life. ✨