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Over 100 every day uses for essential oils from a practical view. For promoting health, in recipes, for relaxation - plus how to get started with oils.

Thanks to my friend, Jenny, we were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. And am I ever thankful! These oils have been a tool in my Healthy Mama journey and another step towards overall health. First, If you have questions, click over to learn How to

It probably won’t surprise most vegetable gardeners that insects outnumber humans many millions of times over. While some insects can be beneficial .

Cedarwood Essential Oil for Beauty, Skincare, and DIY Products. Cedarwood is also good for dispelling negative energy, clearing the mind, dispelling nervous tension and anxiety, and helping insomnia. #Cedarwood #anxiety #insomnia

Cedarwood essential oil encourages dreaming and is helpful for meditation and spiritual expansion. It is a calming oil which promotes sleep and relieves anxiety