Halifax, N.S  ·  Fishspace is a Fish Tank where you can attach Lego and Megabloks to a rim along the top, inside and underneath to create a scene for your pet fish.
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Ginkgo - rainbow on black

Keep your conscience clean and dry with the ginkgo polypropylene umbrella - recyclable!, by federico venturi + gianluca savalli + marco righi.

BeSteady One - Next generation camera stabiliser by BeSteady — Kickstarter

BeSteady is raising funds for BeSteady One - Next generation camera stabiliser on Kickstarter! A revolutionary camera stabiliser, designed to open up a new world of creative possibilities for today's demanding filmmaker.

lego fish tank - Google Search

a space station fish tank pump There's holes on both sides so the fish can swim through the station. The Lego man moves around with the force of the pump below and a small pump on the back so it leans forward.

Stunning Aquarium Bed Redefines Sleeping With the Fishes - Gizmodo

Sleep with the Fishes in Custom-made Aquarium Bed by Acrylic Tank Manufacuring. (I will not be relax sleeping under a fish tank. As beautiful as it may be, I will always dream of the tank would one day burst while you are sleeping :D