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Crate of SKS rifles captured by the 1st Cavalry. Photo by Dean Sharp 1969-70.

warinvietnam: Crate of SKS rifles captured by the Cavalry. Photo by Dean Sharp the sks was taken by the soviet army in 1945 and it staid until 1947 because the ak 47 had more amunition storage and could fire automatic

Target practice

I asked my husband for a bow instead of a wedding ring when we were married.he got me the ring and I still have no bow after 5 years.

Trout of North America

Trout of North America Poster. Maine's Kennebec River area is a hot spot for trout.

Ducks and sunrises go together

duck hunting: waking up at four in the morning going out at dark watching the sunrise then not leaving till that sun sinks back down to our horizon

Sweet GMC!!!

My dream GMC Sierra just minus the dually and coat the car in Line-X West Coast Customs Style.

Underground pool at Homestead Resort in Utah

Underground hot spring that you can swim and snorkel in. The Homestead Resort, Midway, Utah.

Corona Popsicles

Corona Popsicle How to make them: Open a Corona and pour it into a popsicle mold. You can squeeze some lime into mold and/or add a lime slice, if you’d like. Freeze for hours or until it becomes solid. One bottle of Corona makes around 3 popsicles.

Hunting hideout?

Designed by Hans Linberg, the ‘logs’ are merely a wood building facade covering a prefabricated plastic and steel frame. The ‘cabin’ is actually a recording studio for now, but would work just well as a

Custom Chevy

This is a custom limo by my guess and that rear window is a suburban window

Custom Chevy

How about some pics of crew cabs - Page 4 - The 1947 - Present Chevrolet & GMC Truck Message Board Network

A Nice Collection of SKS Rifles by Country guns

A Nice Collection of SKS Rifles by Country guns. He likes the SKS cause it's my initials;