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Great transformations to be done with graph paper - foldables coordinate plane reflections over the x-axis and y-axis

I love teaching transformations. It& one of my favorite times of the year in math class. I spent a lot of time looking at different ideas for our interactive notebooks and this is what we did.

Runde's Room: Collaborative Problem-Solving in Math Her examples are for Gr 4-7...could be scaled up for HS?

Collaborative Problem-Solving in Math - students maintain individual accountability but also practice collaborative and problem-solving skills in a group -HAS GRADE TOO!

Pythagorean Theorem in Real Life, real life applications so students can see the "When will I ever use this?"

In the two page worksheet plus answer key, students must use the Pythagorean Theorem to figure out the missing leg or hypotenuse in real world problems. Word and PDF versions are included.

Math Strategy - Could be a good way for students to go back and check their work and their profess!

There is nothing, literally nothing, the teens like more than an acrostic – except selfies and hashtags, of course. So put them both together, and you’ve got a super-fly learning opportunity.