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Junko, a well-known Japanese food blogger with a daily average of over 10,000 hits!     With a passion for cooking she went to study food science and nutrition at college.While working as a graphic designer she started her confectionery making blog "How to Make Prettier Cakes With a Twist" which turned out to be a huge success with a daily average of over 10,000 hits.  Need to try this.

Make your own kawaii roll cake in the microwave with this complete kit of tools for your kitchen. Roll cakes are extremely popular in Japan. Walk into any Japanese shopping center and you will find a backer selling roll cakes of various flavors and colors

Columbus coffee trail- hit up four shops on the trail and get a free tshirt! Gotta do this during EMC conference in July.

Columbus' coffee scene is growing through cooperation and quality. Get the authentic third-wave coffee experience by exploring the Columbus coffee trail.

The Fangirl's Guide To The Galaxy

sammaggs: “ Grab your very own Geek Girl’s Litany for Feminism! Now available in all different forms over on Zazzle! And don’t forget to pre-order The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, out with.

"Don't allow men who hate women to define feminism as women who hate men."

Feminist Man You Should Know: John Marcotte, Founder Of Heroic Girls--"Nothing makes you a more active feminist than having two little girls and wanting them to have the type of limitless opportunities they deserve.