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Salt privileges are revoked lol

Oh my goodness that is hilarious! "You lost your salt privileges" bahahahaha Once I heard the sound of utensils in the kitchen at 2 am and I somehow ended up throwing salt at my dad who had just come to get water.

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What the Supernatural fandom looks like to other people. Also what happens when I show people the tattoo I want since its the anti-posession tattoo <-- .Tell them it is the Egyptian symbol for peace ;

If only they knew

Changing Channels was my favorite episode of Supernatural/ besides The French Mistake! I love all supernatural episodes that are more funny than scary! >>>> You don't understand this was an actual episode

He's just misunderstood....

Only in the SPN fandom will Lucifer be considered misunderstood and defended and it will be ok.<<<First of all, I agree that Metatron became the Smelly Gabe of the Supernatural fandom. Also, Lucifer was was really just a whiny kid who threw a hissy fit.