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a hand holding a pink balloon with writing on it that says, find every balloon in the forest & pop them to collect the letters that will spell out the next clue
51+ Best Scavenger Hunt Ideas | For Teens, Kids, Adults, Indoor / Outdoor,
scavenger hunt ideas (with printable checklists) to do right now with your kids. Tips and tricks to help you create your own scavenger hunt anytime
two girls are playing frisbee golf in the yard while another girl looks on
How to Make a Fun Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids
DIY Obstacle Course in the Backyard - it's our favorite fun way to stay active with the kids!
children are playing on an inflatable trampoline
Welcome to Ninja Training Camp!
Kids bday idea - obstacle course! Inspired by Tough Mudder - the Barbwire Crawl!
the benefits of a balance board for toddlers to learn how to use it with their feet
Let's talk about Balance Board Benefits for Kids
The benefits of a balance board for vestibular input and sensory processing!
there are many chairs that have been taped together to look like strips of green tape
Jungle Theme- Weekly Home Preschool
Jungle Vine gross motor activity. Great activity for jungle or rain forest theme or unit. Gets kids crawling, climbing, slithering, and scooting. Perfect for toddlers, preschool, or elementary.
Parcours gymnique chez Manu Pe Games, Gym Games, Petite Section, Programming For Kids, Preschool Activity, Gross Motor, Motor Activities, Physical Education
Parcours gymnique chez Manu - école petite section
Parcours gymnique chez Manu
children are playing with colorful streamers in a room filled with toys and papers on the floor
Weaving through a rainbow
Check out this wonderful activity that encourages balance, motor planning, coordination and body awareness. Weaving through a rainbow by Teach Preschool
kids are playing on the floor with their feet and arms in different positions, while one child
6 Different Activities for 6 Lines of Tape
Genius! 5 things to do with the same 6 lines of tape - so simple!
an image of two people in the hallway with red tape taped around them and one person standing on the floor
50 best indoor activities for kids - It's Always Autumn
kids playing with colorful hoop tosses on the ground in front of a brick walkway
6 Gross Motor Activities for Large Groups
6 Gross Motor Activities for Large Groups
a young boy standing on top of a wooden floor
Walk the Line Activity & Blowing Pom Poms
What to Do with Just Some Lines of Tape - 2 very simple tape activities can do quickly
the cover of gross motor activities for the week
A Sample Weekly Plan of Gross Motor Activities
Every weekend I try to make a plan of activities for the coming week to start on Monday. I start with the gauging what my child is interested in (using the “My Child This Week” sheet of the free weekly planner). I fill one out for each of my kids and what they’re into at the …
a toddler standing on the floor in front of a window with text overlay that reads diy balance beam for toddlers
DIY Wooden Balance Beam for Toddlers
DIY Wooden Balance Beam - easy, simple indoor gross motor play for toddlers and preschoolers
two children are playing in the living room and on the floor, while another child is running around
Gross Motor Activity for a Rainy Day: Walking on Pillows
Indoor gross motor fun! Walking on pillows. (Great for a rainy day)