Whoever said Canadians were not good with dark humor? - Tap the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

Canadian Problems: Too warm for a winter jacket, too cold for a spring jacket.<< Put a cardigan under your spring jacket :)

Canadian Problem Encountering a strange being that does not remove its shoes upon entering your house. This is a Canadian thing?

RT, it takes 4 hours of driving to reach my closest cousins, and 6 hours for my grandparents. I'd have to drive 24 hours to get to Quebec and it's one of the closest provinces XD

cheli- MY FAMILY! id be among my people i only eat cold things when its cold, like icecream!

I never wear snowpants anymore, but I remember when I was little and this was so true

Lol you should see my dad when he comes home from a run in the winter…Canadian guy, long Kurt-Cobain-style hair…yeah.

Canadian problem - Halloween costumes do not look as good with a snowsuit underneath!