18 Totally Canadian Things That No Other Country Will Ever Have

Canada>>Oregon>>Sydney>>California>>Wisconsin>Back to Canada>>back to Wisconsin>plain ole washington:)>> Canada again>> Melbourne, Australia>>Canada third time>>New York<--- Peru< peru again>>Russia>>Alabama>>michigan! Mittens hehehe XD>>>>back to Wisconsin>>>Waaaay down to Texas>⬆️ to Delaware--Nevada(nev-AD-a)>>North Carolina'>>Norway>>N Kentucky>>Montana USA>>Buenos Aires, Argentina>>Bilbao, Basque Country>>>Colorado> Oklahoma>Virginia

Canada>>Oregon>>Sydney>>California>>Wisconsin>Canada>>Wisconsin>plain ole washington:)>> Canada>> Melbourne, Australia>>Canada>>New York>>Peru>>Peru>>Russia>>Alabama>>michigan>>Wisconsin>>New Hampshire>> North Carolina>>OHIO>New Jersey>>Indiana>>Virginia


I'm not Canadian but my relatives are.and this truly is hardcore Canadian

and someone was like "Let's put a road here!"


Road to the clouds, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. - / Photo Road to the Clouds by Jeff Clow

American : you canadians are very polite and boring. What you guys do for…

Someone from Montréal, Québec, CA posted a whisper, which reads "American : you canadians are very polite and boring. Me: we watch your election "

Canadian Bad Ass added a new photo. - Canadian Bad Ass

Canadian Bad Ass added a new photo. - Canadian Bad Ass// That's us, all right. I had a spontaneous text conversation with my friend where we only spoke french for two hours.

A Practical Solution

A Practical Solution

superfizz: “laughhard: “my boyfriend’s mailbox was buried so far under the snow they couldn’t dig it out…. so he improvised ” That’s the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen.

2015 Fine Silver Proof Dollar With Colour 50th Anniversary OF THE Canadian Flag

2015 Fine Silver Proof Dollar With Colour Anniversary of the Canadian Flag - hope I find one of these while I am there.

13 Awesome Things You Didn't Know Were Made In Canada

Forget Labatt’s beer and maple syrup. Canadians have created plenty of awesome and strange stuff, and here are 13 things you probably didn’t know were proudly made in Canada.