Overnight Curls

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"The best heatless tool!"
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THE BEST TECHNIQUE FOR HEATLESS CURLS! Easy and gives you salon quality curls with no heat!
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The results are shocking! I'm surprised anyone still use heat to curl their hair !
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Heatless curls meets extreme comfort! Designed to be the most comfortable overnight curls!
THE ONLY WAY IM ABLE TO HAVE MY HAIR CURLED EVERYDAY! Thanks to my heatless curling halo!
“ I love to leave my halo in overnight on dry hair for soft beach waves! “
Our best selling halo curling kit! Not your average hair ribbon! Experience the difference!
I love leaving my halo in for a couple hours for soft heatless waves!
Handmade in Canada with love to bring you the ultimate heatless curls & experience the difference!
The only way I style my hair is with overnight curls! A style isn’t worth the damage!