Start getting in shape for Spring Break with this 3 week plan!

How to Get in Shape For Spring Break: Your 3-Week Plan

3 week work out plan! this is perfect because i only have 3 weeks until spring break!

I had a hard time shaping into words the feeling of being in Texas, so I thought...

ignore the i miss you part - i'll be here for life. the best line "we put the yeehaw back in your motor and transmission" LMAO All the reasons I will always be a Texan

Widdle teapot

All Out Of Tea Kitten this animal is funny , another funny animal picture. From the site of the animal pics check back for more funny animals


I don't know if anyone else finds these retarded little pictures/captions funny, maybe just me in my over-tired state of being, but this really made me laugh. the kitten is so cute! did I mention I love food?

They told me I could be anything

Cat Eating Sashimi: I don't usually find cat pictures funny or amusing, but I found this one absolutely hysterical.