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Hannah Reimer

Hannah Reimer
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Hippie Juice

Summer = Hippie Juice Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka - Triple Sec - Malibu Coconut Rum - 4 scoops Country Time Pink Lemonade Mix - Water, and Strawberries! Going to sub lemon juice for triple sec and Crystal Light for the pink lemonade.

SLICED BAKED POTATOES - it's what's for dinner! Yum, and so easy!

Preheat oven Brush both sides of potato slices w/butter; place them on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake in oven minutes or until lightly browned on both sides, turning once. When potatoes are ready, top w/bacon & cheese, continue baking until cheese melts.

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe!!!!Seriously about the best dip in the whole entire world.. I couldeat it all day everyday.. Pulse I have a thing for hot foods! Ilove it! It's to die for!

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip cream cheese cup Ranch cup Buffalo hot sauce cup Monterey Jack cheese Chicken Cut cheese into slices. Mix ingredients in crock pot on high for one and a half hours stirring every half hour. Serve with tortilla chips.