Growing Ferns In Semi Arid Climates

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Growing Ferns In Semi-Arid Climates: Tips For Cultivating Lush Greenery In The Okanagan
I love growing ferns in semi-arid climates because I love to do things people don't think can be done with plants. In the heart of the semi-arid Okanagan region, where dry landscapes dominate the scenery, there's a hidden gem that defies the odds – ferns. These lush, verdant plants, typically associated with cooler and more humid climates, may seem out of place in this arid environment. With the right care and a bit of creativity, growing ferns in the Okanagan is not only possible but can also add a touch of lush greenery to your surroundings. Join me as we explore the beauty of ferns and discover how to cultivate them in this unique landscape.