London. Thank you DAD!  Without you I would never have experienced this first and as a child.

London, England, UK Big Ben - This is one of those places that just makes my heart melt! Its beautiful scenery, amazing museums (British Museum and Apsley House) and architecture is three reasons I would love to live here!

Toronto Harbourfront. A nice way to spend a warm evening is on one of these cruises.

Before I die bucket list bucket-list Canadian National (CN) Tower in Toronto, Wonder of the Modern World, Ontario, Canada

Niagara Falls

Great shot of both the Canadian "Horseshoe" falls (bottom) and the American falls (upper right). Water from Lake Erie flows down The Niagara River, drops down Niagara Falls, flows down the Niagara Gorge and out to Lake Ontario .

Niagara falls

An amazing view of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. really gives you a different perspective of the massive nature of the waterfall.