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Just when I thought I couldnt love Misha more,I find this lil gem. He is.... The most interesting man in the world.

<<<<< DUDE now I know why, when Misha crashed panel at some convention (he asked a question in an Indian/Russian accent and said he was from India Russia), Jensen called him Dmitri!

"We're family." 9x09 Holy Terror

That hurt my heart because the pictures of Dean crying was from after possessed Sam killed Kevin.

Give it a few minutes, but I still cry every time

Sad but true. Doesn't save me ANY tears though! And they really screwed things up with the end of Season Nine! Things meaning us. I went "he'll be fine" at the end of season eleven jesus

Hahaha. I'm laughing so hard i'm crying!

"No, that's not actually what happened but it's funny as hell to think about." -- I legit thought this was a future episode I haven't gotten to yet because this show is SO FREAKIN' CRAZY it wouldn't have surprised me that this was a real episode!

Okay, so I don't care what you think about this ship...this is funny. ;D

:D French Mistake AU, where Dean finds out he married fake Cas instead of Sam marrying fake Ruby lol


Sam's face is so funny. It is like he knows he is going to be a third wheel.---Sam ships it.<<SAM SHIPS IT


Fan made: Castiel meeting John Winchester. This is hilarious - Fangirl - Supernatural