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So Pretty and Colorful

The Red-headed Barbet (Eubucco bourcierii) is a species of bird in the Capitonidae family. It is found in humid highland forest in Costa Rica and Panama, as well as the Andes in western Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and far northern Peru.

Blue Tit eating Peanuts!

Robins enjoy a nice bit of cheese (but go easy on the Stilton). Blackbirds are partial to dog food. And blue tits go wild for a packet of peanuts. As experts say bread is bad for garden birds, what you should REALLY be feeding them

Painting Trim: What you need to know!

How To Paint Trim: what you should know! - Behr Premium Plus Semi-Gloss Enamel in Ultra Pure White . Behr's premium plus ultra covered a very dark red wall paint with only one coat .